gis for cad mgmtSince 1969, ESRI, a pioneer in geoprocessing tools, has been helping people solve real-world geographic problems. Today, more than 100,000 organizations around the world use ESRI® software because it uses leading ideas in technology for geographic information management. Many European countries are developing new strategies to improve cadastre management. Geographic information system (GIS) technology offers cadastres a method of quickly accessing and producing maps, leveraging database information, and automating enterprise work processes. Because ESRI's GIS software is an open system that conforms to information technology standards, it adapts to a variety of cadastre systems and responds to endless combinations of requirements and operations. The vocation of the cadastre for all countries has become multipurpose: serving administrative mandates, maintaining an up-todate database, assigning values for taxation, calculating subsidies, addressing rural development and agrarian management, and providing products and services to citizens and companies. GIS helps land information agencies fulfi ll a variety of these services, from producing specialized maps to providing complex schemes for integrating and delivering spatial data services under the modern mode of e-government.