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Year of publication, issue number, pages

Author (authors)

Article title



2017ʼ1, 33-36

Y. Obukhovsky

Landscape-ecological classification of peat-bog complexes of Belarus

On the example of the Brest region is characterized by the principles and results of the classification of peat-bog complexes with peat deposits, promising for them


2017ʼ1, 36-38

L. Semyonova

Problems of condominiums

This article describes the problems that arise in the management of owners’ legal relations in the condominium, real estate of condominiums at different stages of its life cycle. The article analyzes the laws in condominium management, offers activities to address the identified problems


2017ʼ1, 39-41

N. Yakimov 

Development by forest cultures of the broken lands of the republic

Results of researches of growth of forest cultures on the broken lands are given in article. The technology of afforestation with use of landing material with the closed root system is offered. For enrichment of the soil and fight against weeds recommend crops. It creates conditions for good survival and growth of forest cultures


2017ʼ1, 42-45

A. Damshevich

The use of digital terrain models to study the effects of morphometric parameters on soil moisture

The possibilities of using the digital terrain model for calculating morphometric indicators are examined, to determine the dependence of relief data on soil moisture. Based on GRIDmodels of morphometric indicators, a correlation analysis of the effect of morphometric characteristics on soil moisture


2017ʼ1, 46-48

V. Severtsov

Determination of soil suitability for specific land uses cropping using gis technology

The article discusses the methodology of creation of information system of characteristics of soil cover in agricultural landscapes of the 3rd, 4th and 5th levels of generalization of Soil Information System of Belarus (SISB) and presented the possibility of using inventory information systems to create models of soil resources rational use at various administrative-territorial and economic levels


2016ʼ4, 25-29

А. Skachkova

V. Yatsukhno

Territorial schemes of ecological networks planning of the basis of results of the fragmentation and diversity of the landscapes

In the article the role of the fragmentation and diversity landscapes indexes is reflected by basis and territorial place of the ecological networks. They received by using and processing of remote sensing materials of natural and anthropogenic complexes and they territorial combination


2016ʼ4, 30-33

A. Kohno

E. Kaziak

Mapping the land fund of polesye state radiation ecological reserve based on the automated interpretation of materials of remote sensing

The results of the automated interpretation of multispectral Landsat satellite images are used to examine the structure and dynamics of land of the Polesie State Radiation Ecological Reserve. An attempt was maid to use the third-level nomenclature of the European CORINE Land Cover for the land fund of Belarus


2016ʼ4, 34-36

D. Trofimchuk

Geoecological evaluation of urban landscape of the city of Brest

The results of a geoecological evaluation of Brest city urbolandscapes are covered in the article. The evaluation was realized taking into account the pollution index of top-soil,the atmospheric air, the condition of wood flora, the provision of population with landscape and recreational territories for general use


2016ʼ4, 37-41

А. Romankevich

О. Balickiy

F. Levsha

Conceptual elements of the university training program in the field of «Aerial and remote sensing cartography»

Conceptual elements of the university training program in the field of «Aerial and Remote Sensing Cartography» in Belarus are presented in the article. The fundamental principles and common objectives of the learning process are reflected; the problems on the subject for solution by graduates are indicated. The education program at the «University& Enterprise» system as an example of collaboration of the BSU Geodesy and Cartography Department and the SUE «Belgeodesy» is presented


2016ʼ4, 42-44

M. Maximov

A. Skachkova

D. Kurlovich

The use of remote sensing data for time analysis of spatial differentiation and the state of green areas in Minsk for the period from 1997 to 2015


The possibilities of using of GIS-technologies and Earth remote sensing data for green urban areas monitoring have been studied. The methods of spatial and temporal analysis of the areas and state of Minsk greenery based on Landsat imagery mission for 1997–2015 years have been proposed. The results have shown that the greenery areas for the considered period changed slightly, but the vegetation state as a whole improved. The problem areas, where vegetation is subjected to disease and desiccation, have been identified using vegetation indices. It has noted that the use of satellite imagery of the medium spatial resolution in order to inventory the greenery is rather limited. It is suggested that the remote sensing data of the high and ultra-high resolution should be used as an addition to the ground-based observations